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Climate actions for each department: how you get your entire city council along in the climate story

Consultancy Climate Action 2 min read , May 30, 2019

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A well integrated climate policy starts with the collaboration between you and all the other city departments. The Province of Limburg know this very well, they put together a list with tons of concrete climate actions for the entire city council. From Mobility to Staff and Communications, every department has its share in your climate plan and can take concrete actions that will benefit the climate in your city.

Department Homes and Property 🏠

Focusing on homes is very effective in reducing energy and heat consumption. As a municipality, you can facilitate this by, among other things, promoting sustainable living and building and starting up collective renovations.

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Department Roads and Transport 🚗

Focusing on mobility is better for the health and traffic safety of your municipality. As a municipality, you can offer a solution by, among other things, a sustainable municipal mobility plan, public transport and commuting.

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Department Nature and Environment 🌳

More green in your municipality ensures better air quality and helps with heat control. As a municipality you can ensure more nature and its protection, and set up a nature and water management plan.

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Department Staff and Communications 📢

The same climate actions can have a great impact, or almost none, depending on your communication. By involving your municipal staff (internal) and your citizens (external), your actions not only have a greater impact, but you also ensure more participation and give your municipality more credibility.

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Department Public Works and Infrastructure 🚧

Focusing on sustainable infrastructure ensures that your municipality is resistant to drought and flooding. Using renewable energy for your utilities then drastically reduces electricity costs.

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Department Business and Investment 💰

Making the local companies more sustainable, will lower the energy use in your city. Making the industrial areas greener will reduce the local temperature rise and reduce local heat stress among staff. Selling local products are good for your own local economy.

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Department Agriculture 🚜

The productivity of agriculture in your city will increase when focusing on sustainability. By implementing more short chain actions, you will also boost your local economy. Preventive measures make your city more resilient to drought and heat.

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Department Culture and Leisure 🏓

Make your city more attractive for tourists and citizens by making your cultural sites and buildings sustainable. Creating more green spaces around recreational areas improves the quality of life in your city.

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Collaborating with the entire municipality is crucial to make your climate actions successful.

In FutureproofedCities, various services work together in one online tool to coordinate their actions and monitor progress. They can communicate with their citizens via the public page.

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