How Futureproofed Supported bluecrux With A Roadmap Toward Sustainability

Success Story Private sector 4 min read , September 24, 2021
  • bluecrux supports customers in various industries such as life sciences, chemicals and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), undergoing digital transformation by offering premium process & technology solutions to help build tomorrow's value chains.
  • Their comprehensive ecosystem of process and technology solutions is focused on planning, operations, and transformation.
  • Through partnerships, bluecrux supports supply chain and operation solutions for clients in several industries.
Bluecrux: premium process & technology solutions to help build tomorrow's value chains.

bluecrux’ mindset for corporate climate action came from ‘within’. Like-minded colleagues within the company came together because of their shared enthusiasm to encourage corporate sustainable measures.

They took the first steps towards becoming a sustainable company by calculating their CO2 emissions in a carbon footprint, which is another tool that Futureproofed offers.

Measure, manage and reduce your CO2 emissions with Futureproofed

As a forward-thinking company, they understood that the calculation simply wasn’t enough and that true progress would come from additional corporate sustainability planning.

We have worked with other companies working on sustainability consulting,..., Futureproofed’s playing in a different league.” - Ruben, Consultant

Taking Corporate Climate Action: Futureproofing bluecrux

bluecrux and Futureproofed worked together during a one-day workshop to identify, analyse, and formulate a set of actions to both reduce the negative impact and maximise positive impact.

The workshop had these main goals in mind:

  1. Identify and analyse the key environmental, social, and economic impact areas across the organisation using the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.
  2. Formulate a first set of high level actions to maximise the identified positive impact and to respectively minimise their identified negative impact.

At the workshop conclusion, bluecrux was able to gain insight into the biggest challenges and opportunities with regards to sustainability and also with outlined targeted and structured actions.

Overcoming roadblocks to a sustainable future
Overcoming roadblocks to a sustainable future

Roadblocks to a sustainable future

The path to a sustainable future isn’t an easy one. For many companies, the sustainable path has multiple and complex layers that could include mapping out the impact, considering specific topics, and identifying the level of impact around those topics, both on a corporate and strategic level.

It’s a challenge to understand the first steps to take on this path—what actions to take first, or to do later—whilst always keeping key impact areas in mind.

bluecrux encountered many of these similar roadblocks. They also had several complex challenges that originated from both their clients and the supply chain. One was aiming for positive impact, even though their service-oriented work puts some of those factors out of their own control, like for example a client’s manufacturing site

Sustainability to them isn’t just a social responsibility, but it’s also just good business. bluecrux not only wants to develop sustainable outcomes for themselves, but they also want to offer advice and guidance to help the sector move to a more sustainable way of doing business.

Running the sustainability workshop
Running the sustainability workshop

Running the sustainability workshop

To overcome these roadblocks, the one-day workshop consisted of three main exercises.

  • The end in mind - As a warm-up exercise, the participants’ view on sustainable success for bluecrux was reviewed and sustainability, in general, was captured.
  • Identify key impact areas - The key impact areas of bluecrux were identified using the SDGs as a framework. An SDG Materiality Assessment helped identify specific topics around the SDGs that bluecrux should prioritise to help create real sustainable value. Then, the SDG Materiality Matrix was created to visualise the SDGs or topics that matter most to bluecrux, both because they have a high, medium, or low impact on the business or because they are important to bluecrux’s stakeholders.
  • Actions - In a final exercise, a first high-level set of actions was formulated and prioritized to increase the identified positive impact and reduce the identified negative impact for the top 5 SDGs.

Results of the workshop

The workshop resulted in bluecrux having a very clear understanding of their biggest challenges and opportunities in regards to sustainability. During the workshop, t was able to

  • Gain insight into main sustainability impact areas, organised using the SDGs
  • Pinpoint direction for targeted and structured actions
  • Map out the actions of the identified key SDGs, organised on the impact and the required effort level
  • Create a clear starting point for a more profound sustainability strategy

“Well prepared, well structured, well hosted, starts from setting the scene but moves to very specific actions. Overall, not just for the workshop, but for the collaboration so far: We have worked with other companies working on sustainability consulting,..., Futureproofed’s playing in a different league. Very nice collaboration so far!” - Ruben Van Assche, Supply Chain and Operations Professional at bluecrux.

If you’d like to partner with Futureproofed to identify, analyse, and formulate your company’s sustainability impact, reach out to our team to learn more.

Stephanie is our resident expert in Sustainable Development Goals, with a background in international law and human rights. She supports our clients in their move to sustainable business strategies and a low carbon economy, and is an experienced keynote speaker. Stephanie is also an avid cyclist and loves to socialise with friends.

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