Making your city, Futureproofed: change starts in your city 🏙️

Futureproofed update 2 min read , October 27, 2020
FutureproofedCities launches with a new look.

To ensure a safe and prosperous future, we need total city transformation. Cities are the lifeblood of our society, the center of business growth, human development, and life. But cities are facing turbulent changes. And the climate crisis is affecting our cities across all cultures, regions, and languages. Nobody is immune to climate change.

For those taking action, you face multi-facet challenges that are not just about implementing the climate plan—but struggling to rally your colleagues to action, exciting your city’s citizens, juggling task priorities, and sometimes, even reinventing the wheel. It’s not necessary.

FutureproofedCities is here to help know what concrete actions to take next. Our digital platform helps you collaborate with your team, peers, and citizens to develop, monitor, and implement a city’s climate plan. No more isolation. No more messy excel sheets. No more losing oversight of the bigger picture—a total city transformation.

Your climate action platform, FutureproofedCities.

FutureproofedCities helps you get things done. It guides you through the governance needed to drive your city's transformation forward. What will our digital platform help you accomplish?

Making Your City, Futureproofed.


Our databases covers 100,000 regions in Europe, containing more than a hundred solutions for carbon mitigation and adaptation. On the platform, calculate your best next step and estimate the financial and carbon pay-off.


We integrated everything you need into one simple tool. Collaborate with your team in one space, monitor, and manage all your climate actions centrally.

But FutureproofedCities isn’t just a tool. ☀️

A tool won’t save the world. But it will help you along the way. We have brought together everything that a city team needs on one simple platform. This way, all city team employees and stakeholders can work together in one place, across programs, and turn a roadmap into reality.

We believe collaboration and community are key to moving cities forward. Our platform goes beyond technicalities. It also connects you to colleagues in other cities. Users connect digitally to teams in other cities. Brainstorm a concept with a colleague on the platform. Ask a question in our chat forum. Attend one of our quarterly events to connect personally.

☀️ FutureproofedCities isn’t just a tool. It’s a community. And only community effort will succeed in climate adaptation in our cities. Discover FutureproofedCities and transform your climate plan.

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