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Sander Graumans

Introducing carboncap

Private sector 1 min read , June 2, 2021
  • Measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions
  • Faster, more conveniently, and across your whole organisation
Introducing carboncap. Book a demo now!
Introducing carboncap

Execute your carbon strategy collaboratively, based on the best data available, and seize business opportunities.

Simplify your CO2 management, and speed up measuring, analysing and reporting on your carbon footprint.

Main features:

  • We offer total quality assurance for data and carbon (CO2e) emission factors.
  • Make data-driven decisions to shape your sustainable business strategy with Science Based Targets (SBTi).
  • Report and communicate your climate strategy progress and innovations with all stakeholders.
  • Turn plans into actions, through effective measures, focusing on CO2e reductions and financial returns.
  • Use global emissions accounting standards like the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064.
  • Collaborate and execute, reducing your carbon impact and seize business opportunities.

Book a demo and discover what carboncap can mean to your organisation.

Introducing carboncap. Book a demo now!
Introducing carboncap. Book a demo now!

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