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Futureproofed update 3 min read , July 17, 2019

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FutureproofedCities is growing. πŸš€ In 2019 we've expanded from Flanders and Wallonia all the way to Spain. This means it's about time to reflect on the steps we've made and our aims. What impact does our tool have, for example? And what challenges are our users currently facing? What is the difference between our users and other cities? Discover our striking results belowπŸ‘‡

We've interviewed 52 city officials to find out more about their specific situation. Each time we've asked them how they work on climate in their city in order to know where our FutureproofedCities users excel, or fall short. 🀐

We make progress βœ… and we know it 🧐

Cities that use FutureproofedCities all prepare a climate plan with measures and actions of which they monitor the progress with the tool. This way they see how they can make better use of their time. For cities that do not use our tool, only half follow up on their results.

- Let's give insulation premiums ...
- So, how many did you distribute in the end?
- No idea.

Involving other city services: Piece of cake 🍰

FutureproofedCities users find it much easier than non-users to involve other city services in their climate plan. Almost three times fewer officials indicated this essential step as one of their major challenges.

How's this possible, you wonder?

Well, communication runs smoother if everyone can view the same data centralized in a well-arranged platform. Our dashboard, our reports and our tips help with this.
Or is it because of the specific tips in our blog articles.
Do you want to receive advice on involving your colleagues in your climate plans? We wrote a whole series about this with concrete tips and actions per city service.

Few resources πŸ’° and still a lot of actions πŸ’ͺ

Do you sometimes feel as if there's not enough money to fund your city's climate actions? The Futureproofed community doesn't have to worry about that anymore. Only one in six city officials indicated that the available budget was an obstacle for them. The non-users mentioned this worry twice as much.

Want to know more about the solution we offer to relieve you of money problems? We give you access to bite-sized actions and an expert community that are ready-to-use and easy to implement. Check our standardized list or ask our community for advice. By learning from each other you save a lot of time, money and energy.

Double forces πŸ‘¬

Twice as many civil servants work on the climate plan at municipalities that use FutureproofedCities. You will find two people per 10.000 inhabitants in the FPC city councils that actively work on climate actions, compared to only one on average in non-user cities.

Is this because the civil servants of FutureproofedCities users can convince their authorities better thanks to the display of clear figures? Or because they communicate the urgency more thanks to our online content? We also like to believe that it's simply more fun with our tool, our community and our enthusiastic team…

So let's have a look at the conclusion of our study.

We notice that cities and municipalities that don't use FutureproofedCities are often still stuck with internal challenges, such as: How do I get my own policy along in my climate plan? How can I achieve a climate impact with limited resources? How do I find the time to follow up on my actions?

Many of our FutureproofedCities users have already passed this phase. They can handle their own business. Their biggest obstacles are now more external, for example how to convince their citizens.

No matter how you look at it, we see one thing: progress. And we like it. ✨

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